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New Year's Resolutions
“Bin... bin... bin... keep... keep... bin...” Ally sat back on her heels with a sigh, pushing her fringe out of her eyes, before tugging the stack of paper on her left toward her and tying it together with one of the lengths of twine slung ready around her neck.  Tossing the bound stack toward the edge of the room to join several others like it, she rose to her feet and collected the other stack from the floor, tucking it neatly into a filing cabinet, before leaning against her desk, stretching slowly.
New Year’s eve was possibly one of the quietest nights there ever was in Keyguards HQ, and Ally had decided she may as well make use of the empty hours by sorting through the loose paperwork cluttering up her office.  Starting the new year with a sorted and cleared office was an attractive thought.  She liked being a Keyguard, being able to help stem the tide of darkness threatening others, working with her colleagues and friends...
But oh, how she hated
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Event: Ice Cream Madness
Cinnamon swirl
This ice-cream is based on Ally, and her ability to wield fire.  If looks like a normal vanilla ice-cream with strawberry sauce, but the sauce is a much deeper red than strawberry would be, as it's cinnamon-flavoured. It has a fiery aftertaste that is prevented from being too hot by the vanilla ice-cream.
The colour of Ally's keyblade is echoed in the sprinkles that adorn the top of the ice-cream, mostly in different shades of red, but with some orange and golden-yellow mixed in, which also calls to minf the colour of flames.
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OK, so I was wrong.

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 4, 2013, 2:33 PM

Yeah, I now have a new Account name.

But all my previous points still stand.  However, new things have also happened, and my new devID suits me more now.  The person who suited the Dealsian-Maverick nick still exists, but she's grown up a lot and things have changed.  So while I'm still the same person, I'm not the same girl anymore.  I'm a woman who is confident and sure of herself and comfortable in her identity.

I accept that a lot of my interests and so on have regulated me to the 'outcast of society'  titles - "geek", "nerd", "Freak" are just some of the words that have been used as slurs in the past.  Once, I tried to avoid those who would insult what I liked, and insult me because of it, but I don't do that anymore.  You don't like me or what I do?  Fine, I don't care - I'm fairly sure I wouldn't like your hobbies and interests: I'll ignore you and you ignore me - that takes far less energy, and everyone's happy.  I'm not changing just because you don't like me, so please save your breath.  Insulting someone who doesn't even notice just makes you look silly.

But that's the thing.  The girl who was withdrawn and shy in person could be outspoken and confident online, because my nick was another form of protection, similar to the 'shell' I erected around me to get through school.  The spoken slurs bounced off that shell, and online I only exposed what I felt would keep me safe from having to endure the same thing virtually.

So I was aware I was a maverick, but wasn't as self-confident.  By stating publically 'Maverick' in my devID, it was another way of stating "yes, I know I'm different. Please don't focus on that, I'm just here to share my art."  Same reason to be here now - share my art, participate in some clubs - but if yu want to know about what I do in my free time other than write and draw...

Go ahead and ask.  These days, I'm perfectly happy to tell anyone who asks.  If you don't understand, I'll try to explain.  If you don't like it or think I'm weird - that's your perogative, I won't tell you what to think but plese just leave and don't waste my time with bigoted comments because I won't even read them.

Cor-Draco - it should be Cor Draco if dA would allow us to post seperate words as our IDs - suits me now and is connected to one of my biggest loves.  I'm still the same person, but I know I've grown and am a lot more than who I was a decade ago.  So it's time I showed it!

I am still offering commissions, and every penny I can make will help as my husband and I are really struggling.
Commission information here

Commission list

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Kingdom Hearts addict
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I'm an Irish girl who is always passionate and enthusiastic about the things she likes, and am glad KH gave me the chance to make some wonderful friends through OI and now RoA.

Current Residence: Dublin, Ireland, Favourite genre of music: Rock - but I'll listen to pretty much anything, Operating System: Linux - Mint, MP3 player of choice: Zen Creative, Personal Quote: Follow your dreams, for they are the future



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